Introducing your children to the dentist at a young age is a great way for your kids to see how dentistry is fun. It’s also an important time to teach your children how to brush and clean effectively. It’s all about preventing problems!


At Rouse Hill Family Dental Clinic, we involve our younger patients in their dental treatment using a tell-show-do approach. This ensures:

  • they are comfortable and at ease during their appointment.
  • kids will have a desire to maintain their dental health at home
  • we set things up for the long term by being open to two-way communication. We want to be your child’s dental partner for life.

At your child’s visit we are also looking at how much room they have in their mouth for their teeth. This helps us to decide whether simple treatment we do now can avoid more complex treatment later.

 “Personally, I’m married with three daughters. My simple rule with any treatment is how would I treat this patient if they were my child” ~ Dr. Ray Singh

We love treating kids and it’s wonderful to see the children we have been treating from infancy now bringing in their children to see us!

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