Orthodontics is the area of dentistry Dr. Singh is most passionate about, and it is something he has committed years of further study too.

He loves the confidence patient’s get when changing their smile changes their life. Seeing shy kids (and adults) lose their inhibition and smile freely is so rewarding.

We strongly believe that your smile is a powerful thing.  Every day we see our patients grow with self-confidence as we go about improving their smile. When you feel good about yourself you can do anything. Seeing this happen in our patients makes us feel great as well and it’s why we love our job.

The first thing we do is figure out how your smile should look when your treatment is complete, and design it to fit your face and look good from all angles. Treating your smile as our canvas lets our inner artist come out. We then formulate a treatment plan so you can see what is possible. Whether it is early intervention or helping adults achieve the smile they’ve always wanted, we can help.