Also known as a “cap”, a crown is a method of covering and protecting a damaged tooth with a beautiful and protective material to strengthen your tooth. The goal is to make it look and function normally again.

Ceramic crowns and inlays can now be made and fitted in one day for you using our in office CAD-CAM technology. Traditionally crowns were made over two visits using impression materials and an external lab. We can now do this on site.

There are so many benefits:

  • For people who are time poor it means not returning for a second visit.
  • No more gag inducing rubber impressions as a camera is used to take a digital impression instead
  • No more rough temporary crowns for two weeks.
  • Bio compatible metal free materials are used that are just as strong as traditional 2 visit lab made crowns.
  • Cost. Despite all these benefits they don’t cost any more than 2 visit crowns.

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