At Rouse Hill Family Dental Clinic we are committed to learning and discovery of new procedures and techniques as long as they are based on evidence that it improves patient care.

We have invested in several these technologies such as:

CEREC – CAD/CAM dentistry

This allows our patients to have porcelain restorations that traditionally needed to be sent to an outside lab made in house in a single appointment.

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Digital X-Rays & Other Technologies

Although dental X-rays have always been very low dosage compared to film X-rays, our new digital systems reduce this already low level by 70-80%. It also allows for easy storage and transfer. There is also no chemical processing so this is a far more environmentally friendly option too.

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Nitrous Oxide Dentistry

Being anxious at the dentist is nothing to be embarrassed about and truthfully it is a common thing. We will show you how dentistry is different to what you may have experienced in the past. Should you require it, our team is trained in providing Nitrous Oxide (Happy Gas).

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